~CAKES~ Prices vary. Contact me with your cake request. Local pickup/delivery only.

~CAKE POPS~  Start at $15/dozen
Cake Pops are deliciously moist drops of cake wrapped in a fancy candy coating. The cake center is a rich combination of moist cake and buttery frosting.

1.  Choose your Cake Filling: 
Very Vanilla (very vanilla cake and icing--pink, blue, yellow or green tint can be added for $1/dozen)
Chocoholic (deep chocolate cake and fudge icing)
Birthday (yellow cake and very vanilla icing---add sprinkles for $1/dozen)
Red Velvet (red velvet cake and very vanilla or cream cheese icing-specialty item)
Cheesecake (very vanilla cake and cream cheese icing-specialty item)
Bunny (carrot cake with fresh grated carrots, chopped walnuts, and cream cheese icing-specialty item)
Strawberry (strawberry cake with fresh strawberries, and very vanilla or cream cheese icing-specialty item)
Peanut Butter (chocolate or yellow cake and peanut butter icing-specialty item)
Mint Chocolate Chip (chocolate cake, mini chocolate chips, and chocolate mint icing-specialty item)
Sugar & Spice (spice cake and cream cheese icing-specialty item)
Candy Cane (very vanilla cake and peppermint icing--seasonal, can add mint candy pieces for $1/dozen)
Sampler (random chef's choice of whatever cake pops are being created currently in the kitchen)
2.  Choose your Design and Candy Coating, or make a request.

3.  Email your order request to

~CAKE TRUFFLES~  Start at $12/dozen
Just like a Cake Pop without the stick.  Each nesting in individual candy cups.

Gift Packages contain 5 gourmet pretzels of various designs.  $5/gift package
Or $10/dozen

Handmade caramel bars.  Delicious and creamy! $9/lb  Add $1 for nuts.
Individually wrapped, creamy, handmade caramel pieces in a pretty giftable package.  $11/lb  Add $1 for nuts.

Starting at $25, ask for price quote.  Contains seasonal fruit and Chocolate Dipped strawberries can be added to bouquets.  Local pickup/delivery only.
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