Monday, June 11, 2012

Giant Cupcakes

This was a request over the weekend.  A giant cupcake cake!  I created the "baking cup" with chocolate, using the silicone cake pan as a mold.  Then baked the top and bottom of the cake.  It's actually a 3 layer cake!  Two layers fit down inside the baking cup and the top is one layer.  For the giant sprinkles I used tropical Mike and Ike's.  And the cherry on top is a cake pop of course! 

I had fun making this and there are so many things you can do with it.  The request was for a "cupcake", but you could make a fairy house, animals like a dog, pig or cat.
You could also make it look elegant, and make it the top of a wedding cupcake tower. Adding beautiful flowers all over it.  Then smaller cupcakes on all the levels below it.
Another thing I want to do is take that "baking cup" mold and filling it with chocolate covered strawberries.  Yumm!!  THAT would make someone's day!

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